Child Trust Fund

Clients can transfer their child’s CTF to us, or transfer their Shepherds Friendly CTF to our Junior ISA

Key features of the Shepherds Friendly Child Trust Fund

  • Who can have a CTF?

    Your clients can no longer take out a Child Trust Fund for their child as they became defunct in January 2011. Only children who were born between 1st September 2002 and 2nd January 2011 are eligible for a CTF.

  • What is the alternative to a CTF?

    The alternative to a CTF is our Junior ISA. This is a tax-efficient savings plan for children that can be opened for any child who lives in the UK and is not eligible for a CTF. To find out more about our Junior ISA please click here.

  • How can clients make payments into their child’s CTF?

    If your client’s child has a CTF with us they can set up a Direct Debit to make regular monthly payments or choose to contribute a single sum whenever they wish.

  • Can I change my payments?

    If your client already has a regular payment into their child’s account set up, then they can increase, decrease, stop or start this when you like.

  • How is the client’s child’s money invested?

    We invest in a responsible and sensible manner in a unit-linked fund that invests primarily in stocks and shares. The reason we choose to invest the money this way is to try to achieve greater returns on the child’s investment over the long-term.

  • What happens when the client’s child reaches 18?

    When their child reaches age 18 their CTF will ‘mature’. This means the money they have invested, plus any growth, will be made available to them tax-free. They can then use this to pay for a first car, a deposit on a home or to help with the next step in their career or education.

  • Can the client transfer their child’s CTF from a different provider to Shepherds Friendly?

    Your clients can transfer their CTF to us from another provider by using the transfer form which is available directly from us.

  • Can the client transfer their child’s CTF to a Shepherds Friendly Junior ISA?

    It is now possible to transfer their CTF to a Shepherds Friendly Junior ISA. Please contact the business development team for more information on how to do this.

Further information

Our Child Trust Fund (CTF) is a tax-efficient children’s savings plan that is invested primarily in stocks and shares with the aim of achieving greater growth over the long-term than would be available in a cash-based account.

Available to parents of children born between 1st September 2002 and 2nd January 2011, the child’s money is invested over the long-term and will be made available to them when they reach age 18 to help with paying for a first car or home, or to help them with higher education or starting a career.

For more information on the Child Trust Fund, or to transfer your client’s Shepherds Friendly CTF to our Junior ISA, call 0800 526 249 to speak to our Business Development team.

Important things to consider

  • The value of the CTF depends on the future performance of the investments held in the Fund, and the value can go up as well as down during the time it is invested.
  • At 18 the child may get back less than has been paid in.
  • HMRC may change the tax status of a CTF in the future.
  • This plan cannot be stopped or cashed in until the child is 18.