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Over 50s Life Insurance

Defaqto 5 Star-rated life insurance, with guaranteed
acceptance and no medical questions asked

Key features of the Shepherds Friendly

Over 50s Life Insurance

  • Guaranteed acceptance with no medical questions asked – as long as the client is aged between 50 and 80 and a permanent UK resident
  • Clients can now choose to reduce their monthly premium if they wish, as long as they stay above the minimum amount of £10 a month
  • Guaranteed cash lump sum that we will never reduce*
  • Premiums will never rise – and when the client reaches 90, they will stop paying premiums but remain fully covered
  • Cover from as little as £10 up to £50 a month
  • Funeral benefit option – clients can receive an extra £300 on top of their final payout towards the cost of their funeral, when they nominate Golden Charter Funeral Services to take care of it.
  • Client has access to the National Bereavement Service – a not for profit organisation offering counselling, guidance and support to the recently bereaved

Further information

Our Over 50s Life Insurance Plan offers a fixed tax-free lump sum on death to help with funeral costs and other expenses. Clients aged between 50 and 80 will be accepted with no medical questions asked, regardless of their current health. The plan includes a funeral benefit option in which their final payout will be paid to Golden Charter Funeral Services, who will add an extra £300 to the fund and take care of the funeral arrangements.


  • If they stop paying their premiums their life cover will end
  • The final amount payable is likely to reduce in value because of the effects of inflation
  • Your client’s estate may get less than they have paid in
  • Your client must be resident in the UK or Isle of Man to be eligible for the plan

To get a Shepherds Friendly Over 50s Life Insurance quote please call us on 0161 495 6495 or apply online today.

*Unless the client chooses to reduce their premium, in which case the level of life cover will change accordingly