Sustainable Junior ISA

Our tax-efficient Sustainable Junior ISA could help your client invest in a more sustainable future for the world, whilst saving for a better future for their child

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Key features of the Shepherds Friendly Sustainable Junior ISA

  • Invest for a child while helping contribute to making the world a better place with our Sustainable Junior ISA. The fund invests in companies that have a sustainable and ethical focus
  • The fund invests towards a more sustainable future through their ESG focus (Environmental, Social, Governance)
  • Any money is invested into the Sustainable Diversified Trust Fund, which is actively managed by Royal London, and aims to grow your clients savings by only investing in companies that make a positive contribution to society.
  • The plan is a With-Profits investment with a medium risk rating, which aims to smooth the returns over the medium to long-term, therefore aiming to mitigate the risks of any sharp falls in the market.
  • Open a plan from £10 a month - for any child under 18 who doesn’t have a Child Trust Fund in their name
  • Flexible and accessible – clients can stop, start, raise or lower their investment levels whenever they wish
  • Any family member or family friend can contribute – making this plan an ideal vehicle for birthday or Christmas cash gifts
  • Invested in stocks and shares – with the aim of achieving higher growth in the long-term than cash-based ISAs

Important things to consider

  • Past performance cannot be taken as a guarantee of future returns. The value of the JISA depends on the future performance of the investments held in the fund and the bonuses we distribute from any profits arising from these investments.
  • HM Revenue and Customs may change the tax status of a Junior ISA in the future.
  • Inflation may affect the purchasing value of the investment in the future.
  • The money invested into a Junior ISA cannot be withdrawn early; it can only be withdrawn by the child when they reach the age of 18 years old.
  • If you transfer the plan to another provider, or if you leave the money invested for more than three months after the child’s 18th birthday, then we will calculate the value of the investments that you hold within the With–Profits Fund to ensure that you leave with your fair share. If you have been invested through periods of poor investment performance, you may get back less than the current value of your plan. This is known as a Market Value Reduction (MVR).

Our Sustainable Junior ISA gives your clients the opportunity to enjoy a savings plan that is free from income tax and capital gains tax. Whether to help provide cash for their first car, or to start saving for a deposit for their first home, family members and their friends can start saving for a child they love with our Sustainable Junior ISA.

To apply for a Sustainable Junior ISA please call us on 0161 495 6495 or apply online today.