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Just Launched: New Income Protection Benefits in Partnership with Nuffield Health

02 Sep, 2021

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new health and wellbeing benefits for Income Protection members in partnership with Nuffield Health, as part of our Enhanced Benefits package.

When your clients take out an Income Protection plan with us, they get peace of mind knowing that they won’t need to worry about their finances if they are unable to work due to sickness and injury. At Shepherds Friendly, we believe that everyone can benefit from being part of our mutual society. So, we’ve made sure that your clients get more out of their Income Protection plan.

Going one step further for your clients

In partnership with the UK’s largest healthcare charity, Nuffield Health, our Enhanced Benefits package for Income Protection plan holders now includes access to a new range of health and wellbeing benefits. This is good news for both members and advisers, as our Head of Sales, Alexander Fallowes, explains:

“It’s reassuring having Income Protection there when you need it. We wanted to go a step further by adding value in the form of benefits that your clients could find helpful on a daily basis. Our partnership with Nuffield Health means we can do just that, and we now offer some great health and wellbeing benefits to Income Protection plan holders.

“The new benefits are available for both new and current plans; which means you can talk to your new clients about the new benefits and these changes could also open up a conversation with your existing clients, too.”

What’s new?

The new Nuffield Health benefits, that will be available to your clients from today, include access to:

Nuffield Health’s Virtual GP service, powered by Doctor Care Anywhere – 24/7, 365 days a year worldwide access to private online and phone appointments with GPs. With unlimited 20-minute appointments and no need to unregister from your current GP, your clients can rest assured knowing that a healthcare professional is just a call away.

Nuffield Health’s Emotional Wellbeing platform – Emotional wellbeing can have a huge impact on overall health. Nuffield Health’s Emotional Wellbeing platform allows your clients to explore and address any underlying issues that could negatively impact their mental health; and it all starts with a quick questionnaire.

20% discount on Nuffield Health Gym membership – Get fitter, healthier and stronger… and save some money at the same time. Our Enhanced Benefits also include a discount on ‘Anytime’ membership at Nuffield Health gyms which have a range of health and wellbeing facilities to enjoy.

‘Another key reference point’ for advisers

Our Chief Executive Officer, Ann-Marie O’Dea believes the new Nuffield Health benefits will have a real positive impact on the lives of our Income Protection plan holders and said:

“Our new health and wellbeing benefits are tangible, genuinely helpful and can be used on a day-to-day basis, should your clients wish to do so. Not only do they add value for those with Income Protection plans, but they could also help people make positive changes for life.

“The Nuffield Health brand will resonate with consumers, giving advisers another key reference point when selling our Income Protection products.”

Family Support Benefits

Alongside these new Nuffield Health benefits, Shepherds Friendly offers financial support as part of the Enhanced Benefits package. These are our Family Support Benefits, and consist of:

New Child Payment: We’ll pay £250 into a Junior ISA upon the birth or adoption of a child. This gives members the opportunity to give their little ones a head start for the future.

Bereavement Payment: A £6,000 payment to support the loved ones of a member, should the worst happen and they pass away during the term of their plan.

Find out more

To find out more about Enhanced Benefits, click here. If you’d like any more information, please get in touch and our Business Development team will be happy to help.

Your clients can access the new Nuffield Health benefits via a hub on the Shepherds Friendly website: Enhanced Benefits Log-in. We’ve also created a helpful guide that you can share with your clients when discussing our Income Protection plan:

Enhanced Benefits Guide

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