Simply Income Protection

A short-term benefit payment plan for advisers

Quote and apply

Main features of our Simply Income Protection plan:

  • Choice of 1-year or 2-year benefit payment
  • When clients are unable to work due to illness or injury
  • Simplified underwriting based on moratorium
  • Quote and apply in under 5 minutes
  • Replace up to 70% of regular income
  • For both the employed and self-employed, up to a maximum of £33,600
  • No loading of premiums
  • For any reason, including occupation and smoker status
  • Career break option
  • Of between 3 and 24 months, where the client’s cover and premiums are suspended, but the plan remains in-force
  • Working Person’s Benefit
  • Tops-up your client’s income if they return to work on restricted duties
  • Guaranteed Insurability Option
  • Allows your client to increase their level of cover when certain life events take place